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Oxypure Logo white on blue box.png

OXYPURE takes pride in its contribution to improving and promoting healthier lifestyles for its customers, while making a marked contribution to minimizing our environmental impact.

Safeguarding your home from the dangers and triggers of asthma, allergies, respiratory problems. We seek to provide tailor-made solutions for our customers by partnering with the best brands. Through our diverse experience and full commitment, we create added value to our customers, partners, employees and shareholders.



A/C Disinfection 

Start feeling better…

OXYPURE’s air conditioner cleaning service treats your system with an antibacterial solution to inhibit the growth of mould and bacteria, giving you up to 12 months of protection and a superiorly clean air conditioner. Air conditioner cleaning is essential, and we are your air conditioner cleaning experts.



We clean all types of carpets and take pride in our restoration service for oriental and expensive handmade rugs. As part of our preventative scheme, we offer solutions on how to maintain carpets from building up with heavy dust, sand and grit that most vacuum cleaners seem to be incapable of removing nor preventing.



Over time, upholstery begins to

build up with dust to lose its colour. Our unique deep cleaning and disinfection service effectively removes and safeguards sofas and fabric upholstery from accumulation of dust and harmful microorganisms. Our shampoo cleaning methods are used as a secondary action only to remove stains, general grease and grime as well as to bring out a noticably improved appearance.


Mattress Deep Cleaning 

Mattresses offer the perfect breeding ground for dust-mites, bacteria, viruses, mould and fungal spores as well as numerous other harmful contaminants found in bed mattresses. Our effective system offers deep cleaning technology for the removal of all dust and physical matter with added UV sterilisation . The mattress is then sanitized by our unique electrostatic application for long lasting protection.



Curtains may be one of the most dreaded jobs to have done as it usually means removing and rehanging them. OXYPURE has developed the most effective onsite cleaning service to safely remove high levels of dust found in curtains. The electrostatic spray is then used as a finishing product to kill and protect against dust mites, bacteria, viruses, mould and fungal spores and numerous other harmful contaminants.

Professional workers. Very polite. Do not leave any mess behind. Let you know what they will be doing and most of all offer excellent service. My leather sofa now looks new after cleaning and polishing. Recommend their service.

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